David Stewart MSP

Highland Fuel Warning

25 April 2008

David Stewart, Highlands and Islands Labour MSP, is concerned for the safety of people who are storing petrol and diesel in a bid to counter fuel shortages.

Public worry over fuel supplies if industrial action hits Scotland’s Grangemouth refinery has lead to locals filling jerry cans in Highland forecourts.

“I would urge people to be sensible about this.

“Non essential travellers should think twice about storing quantities of petrol or diesel.

“Not only does it make the panic buying problems for the forecourts worse, but also the danger of keeping highly flammable substances anywhere other than in the safe environment of the petrol stations is a problem,” said Mr Stewart.

“This issue is so serious that the law limits the amount of petrol which can be kept in containers in garages and vehicles and the Fire Service has warned that fuel should never be stored in the home,” said Mr Stewart.

“I would urge anyone who is storing extra fuel to be extremely cautious.

“Accidents can happen and taking fuel out of its controlled environment means it is less safe.

“Keeping fuel in a warm place can lead to the bursting of the container or the creation of highly flammable vapour,” he said.

The MSP urged those who had already bought extra supplies to use them as safely and as quickly as possible and to avoid keeping it in the car or the garage for any longer than necessary.


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