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Stewart seeks answers on ‘missing’ sports funding

22 January 2008

David Stewart, Highlands and Islands regional Labour MSP, is pushing the Scottish Government to spell out how where funding is to come from for our future athletes.
Following a change in community funding, grants previously distributed to local sports councils by Highlands and Islands Enterprise have been withdrawn.
“Some of these organisations received up to two thirds of their annual funding from HIE.
“This money was distributed amongst the member clubs and was used to help fund coaching, training, sports development and small equipment grants.
“If the Scottish Government has dictated that HIE is no longer to deliver these funds then where is this missing money to come from?
“Given our geography it is vital that we support sports coaching in our area, not least as there are additional costs involved when competing or training outside the Highlands and Islands.
“The amount of money these voluntary and charity sports organisations receive is miniscule in terms of Government budgets, but the effects they have on our potential champions of the future are massive.
“The loss of these clubs would have far reaching effects in the health and well being of our communities.
“I am meeting with senior staff at HIE on February 6 to discuss the matter.
“However, this killer blow for our sports councils has come from the Scottish Government and I am seeking the Minister’s response on where the sports councils are to seek this vital funding.”


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