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A9 : MSP criticises Scottish Government over traffic problems ahead

 10 April 2010

Highlands and Islands Labour MSP David Stewart has criticised the SNP Government for not doing more to alleviate traffic problems ahead of major roadworks taking place on the A9 at the Kessock Bridge next year.

Mr Stewart was speaking after a much delayed Scotland Transerv report revealed that traffic lights will be installed on the Longman roundabout to control traffic, although it is not clear whether these will be installed before the work, which is expected to last six months, begins in March next year.

He said: “While I welcome the report, I feel this is something of a missed opportunity.

“I think a major overhaul of the roundabout is needed as traffic congestion is likely to grow not only as the Highlands and Islands economy develops, but in particular with the major resurfacing due to take place on the Kessock Bridge nest year.

“My Labour colleagues Peter Peacock and Rhoda Grant and I know how serious a problem traffic congestion at the roundabout is as we have received 815 responses to our campaign to improve traffic flow at this location.

“The report provided a great chance to alleviate these problems ahead of the resurfacing of the bridge next year when half the traffic capacity will be lost for six months but unfortunately it has not done so.

“Traffic lights on the roundabout are to be welcomed but they will only go so far in addressing the problems motorists face on a daily basis.

“One of the options in the report was for an extra lane to be built into the roundabout but this has not been taken up and I feel that traffic lights are a short term and piecemeal response to a major problem.

“We don’t even know yet if they will be up and running in time for the start of next year’s roadworks.

“I have repeatedly called for a permanent Park and Ride facility north of the Kessock Bridge, for the consideration of an extra lane at the roundabout and for a pedestrian and car ferry running between North and South Kessock to alleviate traffic congestion at the bridge while the roadworks are being carried out.”


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April 11, 2010 at 4:25 pm

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